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Design Your Own Salad or Wrap Sheet

1.Circle Wrap Flavors

Original Whole Wheat

Spinach Black Bean

Pesto Cucumber

2.Circle Your Lettuce Type

Romaine Iceberg

Spinach Spring Mix

Kale No Lettuce

3- Nuts, Seeds or Cheese?

Almonds $0.79 Avocado $0.79

Black Olives $0.59 Cashews $0.79

Green Olives $0.59 Kalamata Olives $.59

PumpkinSeeds $0.79 Walnuts $0.79

SunflowersSeeds $.79 Feta Cheese $1.99

Goat Cheese $1.99 Mozzarella $0.99

Mixed Cheese $0.99 Shaved Parmesan$1.99

4- Circle your 5 toppings

(.50 each additional add-on)

Alfalfa Sprouts Apple

Artichoke Bean Sprouts

Black Beans Broccoli

Carrots Cilantro

Chickpeas Chinese Noodle

Corn Cranraisins

Croutons Cucumbers

Diced tomatoes Edamame

Boiled Egg Grapes

Grape tomatoes Green Peas

Green Peppers Hearts of Palm

Mushrooms Raisins

Red Cabbage Red Onions

Red Peppers Roasted Garlic

Sundried Tomato Tortilla Chips

5-Add a Protein

Grilled Chicken (Cold) $1.25

Grilled Chicken (Hot) $2.99 Steak $4.99

Bean Burger $2.99 (VG) Falafel $1.99 (V)

Diced Turkey $1.99 Hummus $1.49 (V)

Diced Tofu $1.25 Veggie Burger$2.99(VG)

Tuna Salad $3.99 Salmon $4.99

6-Pick One Wrap Dressing

(*Housemade dressing $.99 each additional)

Balsamic* (VG) (GF) Caesar (VG) (GF)

Chipotle* (VG) French

Greek HoneyGarlic*(VG)(GF)

HoneyMustard*(VG)(GF) Peanut* (V)(GF)

Ranch (VG) (GF) Southwestern*(VG) (GF)

1000 island Lite Italian

Lite Raspberry Lite Mango Poppy


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